Upon your purchase of a International Women NFT (the “Licensed NFT”) which contains and embodies artwork created by International Women (the “Art”) and accepting the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, you shall receive from International Women a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to 1) use, display, or otherwise enjoy the Art of your Licensed NFT for your own personal use; 2) sell or transfer your Licensed NFTs to another party pursuant to the terms of International Women’s Terms of Service; 3) exploit or commercialize the Art contained in your Licensed NFT by producing and selling physical merchandise that portrays the Art in its entirety; and 4) use your Licensed NFT as part of a third-party website or application which permits the inclusion, involvement, and/or participation for your Licensed NFTs, provided that the website or application cryptographically permits and verifies each NFT owner’s rights and ownership to display the Art and the website or application ensures only the actual owner can display the Art. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall not have the right to use the International Women brand, logo, or other intellectual property rights other than the Art in the above stated activities described including without limitation in commercial use of the Art.

International Women may, at its option, terminate or suspend your right to commercialize or exploit the Art contained in the Licensed NFT in the event that your commercialization or exploitation of the Art (a) involves a criminal act or other act involving moral turpitude, drugs or felonious activities; (b) involves an act or occurrence which brings International Women or the yourself into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule, or which shocks or offends the community or any group or class thereof, or which reflects unfavorably upon International Women or reduces the commercial value of International Women or its products including without limitation to its NFTs; or (C) you take action in connection to the Licensed NFT in derogation of International Women or its products and such action becomes public while you are a holder the Licensed NFT. Any of the acts described above will be deemed a material breach of this Agreement and International Women’s Terms of Service.

You understand and agree that these rights are licensed solely to the rightful and legal Owner of the Licensed NFT. Your licensed rights to the Licensed NFT will terminate upon the rightful and legal sale or transfer of your Licensed NFT. For the avoidance of doubt, upon termination of your licensed right, you shall no longer be allowed to engage in creation, exploitation, or commercialization of merchandise containing the Licensed NFT or Art. In the event that you sell your NFT, the new Owner, upon their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and the International Women Terms of Service, shall receive the above listed licensed rights. International Women shall retain the right to commercialize and exploit the intellectual property rights contained in the Licensed NFT and the Art in its sole discretion in all form and media, now known or hereafter devised.